Historically, institutions of higher learning have not adequately prepared educators for a career in the administration of educational athletics programs.  Out of necessity, athletics directors responded by sharing ideas and mentoring one another.  Due to the large turnover in athletics directors in South Dakota and throughout the nation, there is a genuine need for other strategies that accommodate the orientation of new administrators as well as the continued growth and development of more experienced administrators.
The National Interscholastic Athletic Administrators Association (NIAAA) has addressed this need with two structured, professional development programs, designed and refined by experienced interscholastic athletics administrators.  Initially, these programs were only available at the NFHS–NIAAA National Athletic Directors Conference.  Unfortunately, most South Dakota athletics directors don’t have the opportunity to attend a national conference due to conflicting responsibilities and/or financial constraints.
In recognition of that fact, the NIAAA has developed and instituted quality control policies and procedures that enable state athletic directors associations to deliver the NIAAA Certification Program (est. 1988) and NIAAA Leadership Training Institute (est. 1996) at the state level without compromising their integrity.  The SDIAAA has collaborated with the NIAAA to train a State Teaching Faculty and Certified Test Administrators of qualified administrators.  The SDIAAA is pleased to be able to provide this important service to its membership and the South Dakota schools.
The SDIAAA is committed to enhancing the professional development of South Dakota athletics administrators.  Its State Teaching Faculty will present courses from the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute at the SDIAAA Annual Conference.  These courses will be scheduled so they do not interfere with the conference schedule.  To accommodate the demands of school personnel, the SDIAAA will collaborate with the SDHSAA and other affiliated organizations to deliver the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute at other conferences or workshops in South Dakota.  The SDIAAA will also administer the NIAAA CAA (Certified Athletic Administrator) Examination in South Dakota each year.
The NIAAA Leadership Training Institute and Certification Program have been validated as professional development opportunities that enable athletics directors to become more effective and efficient.  The SDIAAA believes enhanced professional development of South Dakota athletics personnel will provide benefits to school athletics departments, student-athletes and the SDIAAA.  The NIAAA is the only association to be accredited by the North Central Association Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement (NCA CASI).  The South Dakota Department of Education has recognized the SDIAAA as a sponsoring organization, and authorized it to issue contact hours for completion of professional development activities that can be used for certificate renewal.  In addition to athletics directors, other administrators and coaches will benefit from some courses.
Athletics administrators interested in either the NIAAA Leadership Training Institute or Certification Program may visit the NIAAA Web Site at or contact SDIAAA Leadership Training Institute Coordinator 

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